Build Your Digital Xperience.

Engage Your Users with Your Brand.

To engage with your target market, your brand needs engaging technology that’s visually appealing and flawless in its functionality.

Our team works with a variety of coding languages to create web and mobile products, iOS / Android native and hybrid apps, and chatbots for Twitter and Facebook.

Funciona's team

Focus on customer experience

Your customers are looking for interactive, intuitive solutions. Our in-house developers specialize in creating digital products that are well designed, easy to use, and memorable. We’ll help you look at your client’s needs through your client’s eyes.


Create engaging technology

We develop solutions with an end in mind. Technology has to serve a purpose and help businesses be better at what they do and strengthen their growth potential. Our custom-made solutions are developed with your specific needs in mind to ensure your full satisfaction and provide solutions with the ability to evolve as your project grows.

Funciona's team
Funciona's team

Digitalize your business

The world is rapidly evolving and so are your clients, it’s paramount for your company to keep up with the pace and take advantage of all the available solutions and tools that make your business efficient and helps you provide the best service. We have helped many companies of all types and sizes transition from yesterday’s ways of doing business to tomorrow’s trends.


Evolve your marketing

Through digital transformation and product innovation, your brand will expand its reach and engage its audience, helping you achieve powerful results in today’s digital landscape.

Funciona's team
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User and Brand Experiences are key to build a successful business.

As digital natives we’ve been taking care of these for many years, from conception to delivery.

Funciona Family

We love our work, you can tell in the quality of our deliveries. Besides, see how happy we look!

Juan Quintanilla
David Gallardo
Sergio Heredero
Alberto Moreno
Tarek Sultani
David Gil
Alfonso Valle
Alex Álvarez
Antonio Muñoz
Chris Marsh
Juan Carlos Navas
Mónica Rubio
Paloma García
Giuliana Toro
Alberto Beiztegui
Juan Varela
David Orejón
Manuel Navarro
Isaac González
Josep Riera
Raúl Bustamante
Gonzalo Sanz
Paula Moreno
David Candia
Daniel Moreno
Jorge de Miguel
Gonzalo López
Blanca Romero
Óscar Menéndez
Juan Pastor
Santiago Ojeda
Sergio Ramírez
Fernando Escobedo
Tomás Mendoza
Cristina Curieses
María Soria

Digital Consulting

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Our clients

We help brands build powerful user experiences online — across the web and mobile devices. This is our specialty. Working with Funciona means you’ll join the ranks of brands that are successfully tapping into their markets.
Our team will help you transform your customer experiences, engage your online audiences, and ultimately grow your brand.

We are a global agency


Where we are

We are based in Madrid. Spain is full of great talent and our mission is to keep on building our team based on high performance and family values.

We have offices in Miami and Dubai offering our customers high end solutions and latest trends. This let us explore many different technologies, get to know lots of cultures and at the end, deliver high quality products.